Wheat Flour Milling Plant

Maize Flour Milling Plant

Pingle maize Milling machinePingle is specialized in the production and sales of large, medium and small maize milling machine. We have been committed to the research and innovation of maize dehulling, degerming and milling technology. Over the years, we have gathered a large number of experienced technical personnel and service teams and developed suitable maize processing technology for African, special maize milling machine for Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique have been introduced.Maize Milling Machine Process:The maize processing line includes four main sections: 1) Cleaning Section of maize milling machine: (separation, aspiration, destoning and dampening); 2) Degermination Section of maize milling machine: (polishing, crushing and grading); 3) Milling Sectionof maize milling machine 4) (grinding) and s Packing Section of maize milling machine: 25KG/Bag flour auto-packing; 50KG/Bag bran auto-packing;Main push countries: Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, etc.Advantages of Maize Mill MachineThe whole Maize Mill Machine adopts a flat-line design and a flat-panel mode: all the main machines are landed in a straight-line layout, which is very convenient for installation and maintenance. The entire production line runs automatically and continuously, and there are no special requirements for the workshop.This corn milling program is new and flexible. It is designed with extra space for you to expand your productivity for your long-term growth. You can use it to produce premium cornmeal.The peeler and corn mill are flexible and can work independently or with multiple machines at the same time.Low power consumption, high efficiency, flexible operation, and easy maintenance.Adopt imported grinding head, grinding roller, chain drive, energy saving, durable, low noise; maintenance cost reduced by 70%.Requires less investment. Compared with other manufacturers' corn mills, pingle china's corn mills can save you more than 50% investment.Small corn mill takes up less workers: the entire production line requires fewer workers and has low labor intensity, which is also the most competitive corn milling solution.Corn Milling MachineAnother factor to consider before buying a wholesale Corn Milling Machine is the noise level it produces. This is because some mills are too loud. Finally, milling speed is also important. If you need flour urgently, consider buying an electric flour mill. Also, if you are a business person, Maize Flour Mill is ideal.Pingle's maize flour milling machines are sold well in many countries such as Zamibia, India, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria. Come and contact us to start your flour mill project! View More
Maize Flour Milling Plant
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  • Wheat flour milling machine

    Wheat flour milling machine

    We Pingle Group can supply 9T-1000T different size of  wheat flour milling machine.

    The process of wheat flour milling (from wheat to milled into wheat flour) usually consist of the following: 1. Wheat storage (silos, or warehouse)