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Wheat Flour Milling Plant

Wheat Flour Mill Plant

Pingle Group wecan supply 9TPD-1000TPD capacities ranges of mini/small/large wheat flour milling plants. PINGLE Machinery is committed to providing comprehensive wheat flour milling plant solutions, encompassing evaluation, design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance. We share your pursuit of success. The more profit you earn, the greater our reputation grows. It's a win-win situation! This is our approach to doing business. We don't just sell products; we offer you a brighter and greener future.

Pingle is committed to providing turnkey solutions for wheat flour milling plant processing, from assessment, design, and installation to commissioning and maintenance. We help you to improve the efficiency of wheat flour milling, reduce plant floor space, reduce energy consumption, save labor, lower the manufacturing cost of wheat flour milling plant, and create higher profits for you. The more profit you get, the more reputation we win. Win-win! Come and contact us to start your flour mill project!

PINGLE Mill Technique

Pingle boasts an innovative and sophisticated milling process that has demonstrated the potential to significantly boost your output rate, enhancing it by a notable margin of 3% to 5%. This enhancement directly translates into amplified benefits for your operations. Irrespective of whether you're dealing with soft wheat or durum wheat, our comprehensive solutions are tailored to meet your specific milling needs.

Our milling technology embodies cutting-edge methodologies that efficiently cater to diverse wheat varieties. The optimized processes guarantee a higher yield, ensuring that you extract the maximum potential from your raw materials. Whether you aim to produce fine flour, semolina, or other wheat-derived products, our solutions encompass a wide range of applications to suit your production requirements.

Process of Flour Milling

The process of flour milling (from wheat to milled into wheat flour) usually consists of the following: 


  1. wheat storage (silos, or warehouse) 

  2. cleaning system of Wheat Flour(sifter, de-stoner, separator, magnet, scourer, etc)

    The first step in the entire wheat milling process is the wheat cleaning stage. Wheat grains are passed through various grain cleaning equipment such as vibrating screens, magnetic separators and grain cleaners to remove any unwanted material such as stones, dirt and other foreign matter. This ensures that the wheat is pure and free of impurities.

    After cleaning, the wheat grains are tempered, where water is added to regulate moisture content and temperature. Conditioning makes the grain more suitable for grinding and improves the quality of the resulting flour. It involves letting the wheat grains rest for a specific period of time, which enhances the grinding process and increases flour yield.

    dampening of Wheat Flour (dampener, conditioning silos, etc)

  3. milling system of Wheat Flour (roller mill, plan sifter, purifier, impact detacher, etc.)

    In the wheat flour processing step, the conditioned wheat grains are ground into flour. In this processing step, wheat kernels are broken into smaller particles, separating out the endosperm (starchy part), bran (outer layer), and germ (nutrient-rich part), where the endosperm is ground into flour to maximize Reduce other parts. Wheat flour milling process steps involve the use of roller mills, hammer mills or stone mills etc.

    Special equipment grinds wheat. Currently, the most commonly used flour production equipment in the wheat flour industry is the roller mill. Different wheat processing step technologies can produce various types of flour, including whole wheat flour, white flour or specialty flour.

  4. Wheat Flour pressure and blending system (if needed) 6. Flour packing and stacking    

ProcessEquipment Name

Wheat Cleaning  Equipment
Vibrating screenTQLM型平面回转筛 Rotary Separator.jpgRemove large impurities and foreign materials
Magnetic separator
Remove magnetic impurities such as iron or steel particles
Grain cleanerTQSFB型比重分级去石机 Gravity Destoner.jpgRemove smaller impurities like dirt, stones, or broken grains
Wheat Conditioning EquipmentConditioner
Add water to adjust the moisture content and temperature of the wheat grains (tempering bins, conditioning silos, or water addition systems )
Wheat Milling EquipmentFlour Roller Mill MachinePLMF60气压磨粉机.jpgUse a series of rollers to break wheat grains and separate various components

Flour Purfication Equipment
Sifters or sieves
Equipment with perforated screens used to separate different particle sizes of flour
Purifier/ PlansifterIMG_4828_副本.jpgRemove bran particles and other impurities through a combination of sieving and air aspiration
Air streams/aspiration systemZDXFD型振动吸风道 Vibrating Air Channel.jpgRemove lighter and damaged particles from the flour
Flour Packaging EquipmentAutomatic Flour packing machineIMG_5322.JPGPack the flour into bags of various sizes
OtherStorage Silo
A specialized structure designed to store and handle flour

Advantage of Wheat Flour Plant

Professional manufacturer specialized in Wheat processing project manufacturing and installation with more than 30 years experience; products have been exported to 40 countries and regions;we have CE, ISO9000:2001 certicifate

In addition to the yield increase, our approach also emphasizes efficiency and precision. The technology integrated into our milling systems is designed not only to augment your output but also to streamline your operations, reducing waste and optimizing resources. Pingle's commitment to providing a complete solution encompasses not just the milling machinery but also comprehensive support, ensuring that your venture into wheat processing is as seamless and profitable as possible.


Large Scale Flour Mills Plant

The entire equipment is durable, easy to operate and maintain, and has high productivity and powder extraction rate. Purchasing large-scale flour machinery can produce different grades of flour that can meet all international standards.

  •  150~300 ton/day Wheat Flour Mill

  •  300~1000 ton/day Wheat Flour Mill

Small Scale Flour Mills Plant

The cleaning, milling, packaging and control processes of small automatic flour mills are highly automated and require almost no manual intervention as a whole. They are simple to operate, easy to maintain and take up little space. Mini automatic wheat flour mills are available in various sizes and capacities depending on your flour production requirements.

  •  30~60 ton/day Wheat Flour Mill

  •  60~150 ton/day Wheat Flour Mill

Mini Wheat Flour Mill Plant

Mini automatic wheat flour mills are available in various sizes and capacities depending on your flour production requirements. Smaller versions can be used at home for small-scale production. Industrial flour mills have high production capacity and are suitable for large-scale production. Therefore, the small automatic wheat flour mill is "one machine for multiple purposes".

  •  10~30 ton/day Wheat Flour Mill

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PINGLE projects

Pingle's wheat milling plants are sold well in many countries such as Zambia, India, Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria. 

Russia 180TPD Wheat Milling Turnkey Project

Tajikistan 600TPD Wheat Milling Plant

Uganda 160TPD Wheat Milling Plant

Ethiopia 220TPD Wheat Milling Turnkey Project

Ethiopia 140TPD Wheat Milling Plant

Ethiopia 120TPD Wheat Milling Plant

350TPD Wheat Milling Plant

1400TPD Wheat Milling Plant

With offices in India, Kenya, Brazil and Ethiopia, we can significantly reduce your replacement and maintenance costs.

PINGLE Machinery is committed to improving all services including wheat flour machinery manufacturing, project design, parts supply, after-sales maintenance, technical consulting, and employee training. We have many wheat processing plant projects in many countries around the world.