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Maize Flour Milling Plant

Pingle maize Milling machine

Pingle, as China is specialized in the production and sales of large, medium, small and mini maize flour milling machine. The production capacity of small maize milling machine is about 5TPD-10TPD, and the production capacity of large maize milling machine can reach about 200TPD. Maize milling machine is ideal for home use and profitable business. If you are interested in purchasing a maize milling machine, please contact us for a complete catalog and price list!

Pingle's maize flour mills are sold well in many countries such as South Africa, Zamibia, India, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria. Come and contact us to start your flour mill project!

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Maize Milling Machine Process:

The maize processing line includes four main sections: 

1) Cleaning Section of maize milling machine: (separation, aspiration, destoning and dampening); 

Use a cleaning process of one sieve, one brush and one stone removal. Two peeling machines are used for peeling and degerming. The maize in the silo is lifted by a bucket elevator to the cleaning screen and destoner. Impurity removal mainly uses the difference in size of impurities to remove large and small impurities in maize. The raw materials that have passed through the screening section are then sent to a destoning machine to remove stones. In addition to the gravel removal part, the cleaning screen is also equipped with a vacuum fan to suspend and separate the small stones that cannot be removed by stone removal. It also removes the smallest impurities. Then, the raw materials enter the maize brushing machine to remove dust, mud and other impurities on the surface of the maize, and the impurities are screened out through the sieve plate.

2) Degermination Section of maize milling machine: (polishing, crushing and grading); 

3) Milling Sectionof maize milling machine 

If peeling is required, there are two maize peeling machines to remove the outer skin and germ. After peeling, it enters the crusher for preliminary crushing. The crushed materials are ground through two flour machines and screened through double sieve bins to achieve the fineness of corn flour. Maize flour that meets the standards is packaged directly, while maize flour that does not meet the standards continues to be ground and then sifted to achieve the fineness of flour. The final powder that does not meet the standards will be packaged as an animal feed ingredient

4) (grinding) and s Packing Section of maize milling machine: 25KG/Bag flour auto-packing; 50KG/Bag bran auto-packing;

Main push countries: Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, etc.

Pingle is the No.1 grain mill manufacturer in China. We provide turnkey solutions for corn production. I can provide you with the best flour making technology, which can at least help you increase your production rate by 3%-5%.

Start a small-scale corn processing business

Find the right location

Choosing the location and type of building for your corn processing business is very important. If your premises are in the wrong area or inaccessible, your business will struggle to take off. When choosing a location, consider your basic needs, such as water and electricity, as well as the building's size and storage requirements. You may want to consider using a silo to store both raw corn and the final product. Also consider your security and accessibility of suppliers and deliveries. Before you grind your first batch of corn, you need to make sure your building meets local quality and safety standards.

Identify your supplier

After researching the market and understanding the demand, you need to identify suppliers. Will you grow and supply corn, or will you buy it from other corn growers? If you plan to purchase corn from other sources, do your homework and find a reliable and sustainable supplier. Have your suppliers sign contracts with you to avoid unforeseen losses or misunderstandings.

Choose the right device

Before you start marketing and offering cornmeal products, you need to know your production capacity. Your milling machine will determine the quality and quantity of the products you will sell. PINGLE has a wide range of affordable, high-quality milling machines designed specifically for small corn milling operations.

Register your business

You need to register your business with the relevant authorities in your country before you can operate in full compliance with the law. As part of this process, you'll need to choose a name for your business and products.

Market and launch your product

Understanding your consumers will determine how your products are packaged and marketed. Do you sell wholesale, or retail directly to consumers? Do you need to advertise, or have you locked in stable customers in advance? Knowing this will also determine what kind of delivery transportation you need and how much you should budget for it.

Advantages of PINGLEMaize Mill Machine

The whole Maize Mill Machine adopts a flat-line design and a flat-panel mode: all the main machines are landed in a straight-line layout, which is very convenient for installation and maintenance. The entire production line runs automatically and continuously, and there are no special requirements for the workshop.

This corn milling program is new and flexible. It is designed with extra space for you to expand your productivity for your long-term growth. You can use it to produce premium cornmeal.

The peeler and corn mill are flexible and can work independently or with multiple machines at the same time.

Low power consumption, high efficiency, flexible operation, and easy maintenance.

Adopt imported grinding head, grinding roller, chain drive, energy saving, durable, low noise; maintenance cost reduced by 70%.

Requires less investment. Compared with other manufacturers' corn mills, pingle china's corn mills can save you more than 50% investment.

Small corn mill takes up less workers: the entire production line requires fewer workers and has low labor intensity, which is also the most competitive corn milling solution.


PINGLE is a flour processing equipment manufacturer integrating engineering design, R&D, manufacturing, sales, and installation services. We mainly provide primary processing and deep processing equipment for maize, wheat and other grains. The maize flour processing equipment we provide is suitable for small maize milling processing enterprises and large commercial maize flour processing plants. We provide custom designs for the entire maize processing plant. If you are interested in our equipment, please contact us directly to get the price list and machine parameters!

If you want to buy maize milling machine, we are your best choice. We have a variety of types and models to suit every specific requirement. In addition, we can provide the best prices that are competitive in the international market and ensure machine quality and production efficiency. In our maize processing machinery catalog, small maize milling machine is the most popular because it can easily help customers start small maize milling business.

Our new small maize milling machine is a fully automatic flour production line with many features, attracting many customers. It can produce high-quality maize powder and maize grits. Every year, we export dozens of units to North America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, etc.

Buy a maize milling machine at factory price from a professional grain flour processing equipment manufacturer or supplier - PINGLE, get free technical guidance on maize flour production process and business plan at low cost in Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, and Saudi Arabia Construction of corn milling projects in other places.

If you plan to buy a small and efficient maize milling machine, then this set of mini small maize milling machines will be your best choice. It is ideal for small maize milling operations as it is very easy to install and operate. Welcome to contact us to get the latest price

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Maize is the primary and most important grain in South Africa. People in South Africa use maize for many reasons. It is not only the staple food, but they also use it for domestic animal feed production. South African government has introduced many policies and schemes to support the use and production of maize. The government has also introduced loans and other subsidies to help people setup their own maize processing factory. Because of this, the maize milling business is also promoted.

Since the people and the government is giving equal importance to maize cultivation, it is one of the best business to start in South Africa. There is a huge potential to start maize processing business here —many people depending upon Agriculture and domestic animals for a livelihood. With the South African economy still developing and people depending upon grains, the scope for the maize milling business is huge, especially, many people will start with small scale maize milling plant due to the low investment cost.


Our equipment are all made with high quality materials to ensure high production efficiency. Since we are the manufacturer of flour mill machinery, we can guarantee customers the Factory Price. We offer customized design for the whole maize processing plant. If you are interested in our equipment, just contact us directly to get the price list and machine parameters!