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Maize Flour Milling Plant

Pingle maize Milling machine

Pingle is specialized in the production and sales of large, medium and small maize milling machine. We have been committed to the research and innovation of maize dehulling, degerming and milling technology. Over the years, we have gathered a large number of experienced technical personnel and service teams and developed suitable maize processing technology for African, special maize milling machine for Kenya, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique have been introduced.

Maize Milling Machine Process:

The maize processing line includes four main sections: 1) Cleaning Section of maize milling machine: (separation, aspiration, destoning and dampening); 2) Degermination Section of maize milling machine: (polishing, crushing and grading); 3) Milling Sectionof maize milling machine 4) (grinding) and s Packing Section of maize milling machine: 25KG/Bag flour auto-packing; 50KG/Bag bran auto-packing;

Main push countries: Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, etc.