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Factors Determine Maize Flour Milling Machine Prices

Sep. 21, 2022

Factors Determine Maize Flour Milling Machine Prices


Factors Determine Maize Flour Milling Machine Prices

● Capacity

Maize flour milling machines are classified on basis of capacity into small scale, medium scale, and large scale. The capacity of a small scale maize milling machine is around 10 TPD while that of a large scale can be around 200TPD. 


● Quality

Quality also determines the maize flour milling machine price. Different brands tend to have different qualities of the maize milling machines. The brands with the best quality of the maize flour milling equipment tend to be a bit expensive compared to the others. For instance, the maize flour milling machine prices from the best brand for milling equipment is around $6,500-9,000 for a home flour milling machine compared to a price of $5,000-7,000 from other brands.

● Energy Efficiency

A high energy efficient maize flour milling machine has a higher price compared to a low efficient one. A high energy efficient maize flour milling machine with high output price is around $2,000-3,000 when compared to a low energy efficient one with a price of $10,00-1,850. Considering the long-term process, it is advisable to purchase a high energy efficient one since it is capable of saving energy thus consuming less fuel.


● Original Place

There is a very close relation when it comes to maize flour milling machine price and the original place it was produced. It may be affected by factors such as local government policy, demand and the market consumer accepted prices depending on the specific areas the machines were manufactured. For instance, the price of a fully automatic maize corn flour milling from China is around US$ 8,000-10,000 when compared to the price in the United States which is around $ 9,000-11,000.


Purchase Tips for Maize Flour Milling Machine

The market is full of many brands and manufacturers of maize flour making machine with different prices. Before purchasing a maize milling machine, you need first to look the manufacturer’s terms and conditions and ensure that you purchase a high quality maize milling machine. Consider buying them from well-known manufacturers who also sell grinding rollers and rings, among other similar equipment and tools since they tend to have the best quality milling equipment. Ensure you shop for the best maize flour milling machine which will serve you for long.


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