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Why you should invest in maize milling machine?

May. 11, 2023

Maize is grown widely around the world. It is produced annually by weight more than any other grain. As of 2020, the total world production of maize is 1.16 billion tons. Therefore, investing in maize milling machine to processing maize is a business opportunity with great potential,especially in Africa.

 maize milling machine

First, maize is the staple food of most Africans. 

It is suitable for growing in a hot and rainy climate. Africa has a large tropical climate and a wide range of hot and rainy areas. In addition, the complex terrain of Africa is suitable for maize planting. Africa has a large population and large maize production, which can make up for the food shortage.

Production of maize meal has been affected by drought, economic instability and volatile maize prices. 

This shortage means some smaller maize processors and farmers have an opportunity to increase their demand for maize meal. The maize milling machine or maize grinding machine is the main component of any flour mill plant. A good quality maize mill will not only produce high-quality flour but it will also consume less energy and will give high output.

However, investing in the maize flour grinding machine still requires sound planning in order to maximize production and profit.

Investing in maize milling machine also has other benefits. 

African maize meal producers can earn additional profits by exporting it to the global market. The export competitiveness of South African maize meal is relatively strong, and the export volume continues to increase. But its domestic demand and market have not changed. As a result, more maize meal produced in Africa is being exported, helping to gradually increase the importance of Africa in the global maize meal market.


Pingle focuses on the business of complete sets of grain processing equipment for the installation of the steel structure of the steel structure of the complete sets of flour milling equipment, its main features are:
1. The complete set of maize milling machine has a high degree of automation and saves labor costs

2. The cost of building a factory is low, the investment is small, and the effect is quick

3. The plant occupies a small area and the construction period is short

4. It can produce different grades of flour 

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If you want to do maize milling machine business, you must find a reliable maize flour milling plant supplier with good machine quality and good after-sales service. Pingle has after-sale service teams responsible for site management and supervision and guidance of equipment installation as well as after-sale quality. With a view to ensuring timeliness of after-sale service for overseas clients, the company set up branch companies in Brazil, India, Ethiopia, Kenya and Zambia, so as to provide clients with exhibition of new products, supply of parts and spare parts, roller processing, and after-sale service support.


Africa is the world's second largest and second most populous continent, and while its economy is still developing, maize will continue to be one of the staple foods for its population. So, investing in maize milling machine to start producing maize flour will be one of the most profitable businesses in recent years.

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