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PLMFKT Pneumatic Roller Mill

Type: Pneumatic Roller Mill and E-control Roller Mill

Model: PLMFKA100×25×4  PLMFKA125×25×4

PLMFKA100×25 PLMFKA125×25
PLMFKA100×30 PLMFKA125×30

PLMFKT100×25   PLMFP100×25×4

PLMFP125×25×4 PLMFP100×25 PLMFP125×25

Application: The roller mill is one of the key equipment in wheat flour processing plants, and it is used to grind the cereal. 

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Main Production Index

The Pneumatic Roller Mill is designed in two parts, the upper part is made of steel and the lower part is made of iron base.

The feeding system of the pneumatic roller mill machine can be completely removed and is easier to fix and maintain due to its integrated design. The feeding system can also be driven independently to adjust the roller distance, and the roller adjustment is sensitive.

The motor is built-in, saving floor space.

The surface of the pneumatic roller flour mill machine is electrostatically sprayed to ensure long-lasting color and reduce corrosion.

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