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Pingle Has Won the Trust of Customers with Its Strength

Jun. 08, 2022

To create value for customers and win-win with customers is the unremitting pursuit of Pingle's people. Over the past 30 years, Pingle has gained precious friendships with our customers by providing high-quality products and services. From 2008 to now, Farowin Group in Tajikistan has purchased Pingle's 160T steel frame complete equipment, 200T steel frame complete equipment (2 sets), 500T building structure complete equipment, and 600T building structure complete equipment, and now it has become the leading enterprise of flour processing industry in Tajikistan. According to the local situation of Tajikistan, Pingle provides specialized, customized, and localized design for Farowin Group, which improves the quality of flour, helps Farowin Group's rapid development and wins the market with its strength.


"WUDELI" of Tajikistan --Farowin Group

Pingle Has Won the Trust of Customers with Its Strength

The Republic of Tajikistan, a country located in the southeast of Central Asia, which borders Xinjiang of China in the east and southeast, Afghanistan in the south, Uzbekistan in the west and Kyrgyzstan in the north, with a land area of 243,100 square kilometers and a population of about 9 million, is the smallest country among the five countries in Central Asia and is located in the southeast passage of Central Asia. Tajikistan is an important hub for the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt.

Tajikistan's current industrial base is relatively weak, and most of the country is mountainous, the national emblem of cotton and wheat are still the main production objects, of which wheat is one of the largest contributors to the food processing industry. Farowin Group, the largest flour processing enterprise group in Tajikistan, has soared like China's "WUDELI" and become the leading enterprise in Tajikistan's flour processing industry.


Pingle and Mr. Bakhdu

Mr. Bakhdu, one of the shareholders of Farowin Group, made a decisive decision and had a strategic vision, and Pingle met him in March 2008. Mr. Bakhdoo came to China from Tajikistan with his assistant, and this cross-country trip was to investigate the purchase of flour processing equipment, and they searched through the internet for a dozen flour processing equipment suppliers of different sizes before they left. When they came to Pingle, they had already visited seven or eight of them, but they were all less than ideal and already full of fatigue. But when they walked into Pingle, their mood became pleasant at once. They were very impressed by the clean and tidy office environment, the hospitable staff, the orderly production site, and especially the quality of the products' appearance. Mr. Bakhdoo decided to stay for a detailed discussion. In the next few days, the engineering team communicated with Mr. Bakhdoo, mainly from the selection and mixing of raw grains, equipment technology, and product configuration, and reached a consensus. Finally, Mr. Bakhdoo purchased a set of 160T steel frame equipment from Pingle.

Pingle Has Won the Trust of Customers with Its Strength


Although the 160T steel frame equipment was not large-scale equipment in China at that time, it was the first set of equipment that Pingle opened in the market in Tajikistan.

At that time, Tajikistan was in the transitional period of the flour processing industry, small units were blooming everywhere, but the quality of flour was average, and high-quality flour was imported from Kazakhstan. Although Mr. Bakhdu was a Tajik, he decisively installed this 160T steel frame equipment in Kazakhstan through market analysis, and once the flour was on the market, the demand exceeded the supply.

Pingle Has Won the Trust of Customers with Its Strength


Farowin's local equipment

As the economic level of Tajikistan is growing and the people's living standard is improving, the local people's demand for high quality flour is also increasing, but people only know that in order to have good flour, they must import it from Kazakhstan. The far-sighted Mr. Bakhdu judged that the flour processing industry in Tajikistan would develop rapidly, and he decided to install a set of 200T flour processing equipment in his country. 2009 Mr. Bakhdu came to Pingle again with his intention. With experience, Mr. Bakhdu had more detailed and specific requirements for this equipment and his own ideas for the process scheme, and the engineer team worked overnight to develop a plan to meet Mr. Bakhdu's requirements.

Mr. Bakhdoo analyzed that in 2008, due to the influence of climate on the wheat in Kazakhstan, the wheat's trash content and capacity varied greatly. For this reason, the engineer team adjusted some of the equipment to enhance the effect of cleaning the raw grain. For milling, according to the actual operation of local workers, flour particle size, finished products, by-products and other actual conditions, combined with feedback from after-sales service engineers on the 160T steel frame equipment, some parameters such as milling process, sieve path of high square sieve and sieve mesh equipment were adjusted in the actual design. The contract of this 200T steel frame equipment was completed in about one week, and Mr. Bach Du delivered the deposit at once.

It took 6 months from production to production and once the flour was put on the market, it caused a strong reaction. People compared the locally produced flour with the imported Kazakhstan flour and found that the locally produced flour was not only of good quality but also had an advantage in price. "The quality of Farowin's flour was so good and inexpensive that there was a long queue in front of the company, and the demand for Farowin's flour exceeded the supply. At the beginning of 2010, Mr. Bakhdoo came to Pingle for the third time and immediately signed an order for the second set of 200T steel frame equipment.

At that time, other flour mill equipment in Tajikistan were small units, and various flour mill owners knew that Farlowin flour had good quality and high profit, but they thought that Tajikistan's population was small, the market demand for flour was limited, and the investment risk was large, so they kept a wait-and-see attitude. But after Mr. Bachdu's set of 200T steel frame equipment was put into operation in August 2010, the market response was still hot, and the flour market produced by small units was strongly impacted at that time. Since 2011, flour millers using small units have been replacing their medium and large equipment one after another, with four flour mills replacing their equipment with Pingle equipment in that year alone. In the following three or four years, many small-scale flour millers upgraded their equipment, and the flour processing industry in Tajikistan achieved rapid development, and Pingle formed a unique localized process in Tajik market, and "Pingle" became synonymous with Chinese grain machines in Tajikistan.

Later, as the competition in the market became more and more fierce, the scale of flour processing plant became the key factor to win in the market. Farowin Group has become the leading enterprise of flour processing industry in Tajikistan, and Mr. Bakhdoo also clearly realized that improving upstream and downstream industrial chain, strengthening enterprise management and expanding sales market have become the top priority of Farowin Group's strategic development. From 2011 to 2014, three years, Farowin completed the construction of the management system of collection, storage, supply, production and sales. The most proud and pride of Farowin people is that the train track crossed Farowin factory and drove the train to its own doorstep, which put a legendary color on Farowin, and all this is more to show us Mr. Bahadur's farsighted strategic vision and boldness.


Large equipment of Farlowin

In 2014, Mr. Bachdow, who has always been a man of action, came to Pingle for the fourth time. The magnificent office building, the beautiful office environment, the brand new automated workshop, the advanced CNC processing equipment, the radical changes made Mr. Bakhdoo full of confidence in Pingle and finally signed a 500T wheat flour project. The project is equipped with advanced PLMFKA100×25, 125×25 new type mills and FSFG8×27M high square flat sieve; the process adopts long-way milling, enhanced material classification, special treatment of fines and other milling technologies, as well as six skins, seven cores, three slags and two tails and twenty-four clearing powder of light research and subdivision, good powder before discharge milling process; the application of advanced PLC control system, the production data is collected and stored in real time. The advanced PLC control system is used to collect and store the production data in real time, and form various reports, curves and trend graphs of production data required by customers through computer processing, with data exporting and printing functions, and vivid image monitoring of operating conditions.


Pingle Has Won the Trust of Customers with Its Strength

Pingle Tajik 500 tons of wheat per day complete set of flour making project

High-end flour quality comes from advanced flour making equipment and technology. The use of the new mill has resulted in a significant effect on the water absorption rate of the flour, an increase of about 3% in the flour output rate in the front middle, a total flour rate of more than 80%, and a significant improvement in the use of the product.

The project became the largest and most automated modern flour processing enterprise in Tajikistan, and received special attention from H.E. Momali Rahmon, President of the Republic of Tajikistan.On March 29, 2018, the project held a grand opening ribbon-cutting ceremony in Tajikistan's second largest city - Khujand. H.E. Momali Rahmon and General Manager Wu Junyong of Pingle Group were invited to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony. During the ceremony, H.E. President and General Manager Wu Junyong pressed the start button together, and the Faroowen 500T wheat flour project was officially opened and put into operation. This is also the first time for Pingle to build a large-scale complete set of flour making project overseas, which marks a crucial step for Pingle to take on the road of international standard of large-scale complete sets of equipment.


Pingle Has Won the Trust of Customers with Its Strength

Tajik President Rahmon cut the ribbon for Pingle Tajik 500 tons project in 2018


As the scale of Farowin continues to expand and the process becomes more and more mature, the quality of "Farowin" flour advances from mid-range to high-end, however, it still cannot meet the demand for high-end flour in Tajikistan.

In 2018, the price of flour in Tajikistan rose six times in a row, and Mr. Bakhdu analyzed that this was caused by the rise of flour prices in Kazakhstan, because flour in Tajikistan is mainly imported from Kazakhstan. In October 2018, Mr. Bakhdoo came to Pingle for the fifth time and immediately signed a 600T wheat flour-making project. In order to further improve the flour quality and production efficiency, we equipped more advanced milling equipment based on the previous 500T equipment.


We have enhanced and upgraded the equipment and special design mainly from the following aspects.

1. Strengthen the raw grain receiving to ensure the wheat matching effect

Combined with the actual impurities of wheat, as well as to ensure the uniformity and stability of wheat matching, the raw grain receiving process adopts four channels of high-efficiency planar rotary vibrating sieve, and is used in combination with wind selection equipment such as suction duct or circulating wind, which effectively separates light impurities, dust, small impurities, grain husks and other impurities, greatly improving the quality of raw grain and laying a solid foundation for subsequent wheat matching.


2. The workshop cleaning equipment strengthening

The cleaning process flow is a more perfect flour-making process of three sieves, two beatings, two de-stoning, one selection, one color selection, one super wheat milling, four magnetic selection, five wind selection, two powerful computerized watering, and one spray watering.

Pingle Has Won the Trust of Customers with Its Strength

Pingle Has Won the Trust of Customers with Its Strength

Pingle Has Won the Trust of Customers with Its Strength


3. Reasonable control system distribution

With the development of wheat processing technology in Tajikistan, the change of system allocation in this process is also extremely important. The flour-making process adopts the flour-making process of six skins, nine cores, three slags, three tails, and 28 clear flour, to ensure the integrity of the bran of the first four skins to ensure the quality and output rate of good flour.


4. Flour post-treatment

Wheat flour post-treatment is the final stage of wheat flour processing, this stage includes wheat flour collection and preparation, wheat flour bulk storage, weighing, insecticide, trace elements added, as well as wheat flour modification and nutritional fortification, etc. In modern wheat flour processing plants, post-treatment of wheat flour is a very important link. According to the local flour market and storage requirements, this process is set up with 32 blending bins to produce wheat flour of stable quality through reasonable matching.


The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020 brought great pressure on the implementation of the project in terms of production, transportation, personnel and construction, but Pingle did not stop the construction, but tried every possible way to ensure the construction progress, finally, the project was successfully put into operation in October 2020. Mr. Bakhdou was once again impressed by Pingle's reputation, craftsmanship, professionalism and exquisiteness. By now, Farowin Group has reached the capacity of processing nearly 2,000 tons of wheat per day, making it the largest and highest-end flour processing enterprise in Tajikistan.

At the end of our reporter's call with Mr. Bakhdoo, Mr. Bakhdoo said: Although Tajikistan has a small population, Farlowin's market target is not only Tajikistan and Kazakhstan, but will also go to other Central Asian countries such as Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan. Farrowin will follow the example of China's “WUDELI”, rely on the advanced equipment and technology of Pingle, and make "Farrowin" flour a famous brand in Central Asian countries!



Since the first set of equipment entered the market of Tajikistan in 2008, the customers of this country have purchased more than 20 sets of large and medium-sized equipment from Pingle, and the customers are very satisfied. In the future, Pingle will always be committed to providing advanced grain processing equipment and perfect services for global grain processing enterprises, and make greater contributions to improve the healthy diet of human beings!