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Advantages of Double-bin Plansifter in Grain Processing

Jun. 13, 2023

A double-bin plansifter is a crucial piece of equipment in grain processing operations, particularly in the flour milling industry. It plays a vital role in separating and classifying different particle sizes, ensuring the production of high-quality flour. Here are several advantages of using a double-bin plansifter in grain processing:


Double-bin Plansifter

1. Efficient Separation of Particles:

One of the key advantages of a double-bin plansifter is its ability to efficiently separate particles of different sizes. It utilizes a series of sieves with varying mesh sizes to classify the particles into different fractions. This ensures that the flour produced is consistent and free from impurities, resulting in improved product quality.


2. Enhanced Flour Quality: 

The precise separation of particles achieved by a double-bin plansifter contributes to the enhancement of flour quality. By effectively removing coarse particles, dust, and other impurities, it helps to produce flour with a finer texture, improved color, and increased uniformity. This is crucial for meeting the strict quality standards demanded by the food industry.


3. Increased Extraction Rates: 

Double-bin plansifters enable higher extraction rates in flour milling processes. The efficient separation of particles ensures that the maximum amount of flour is extracted from the grain, minimizing waste and increasing overall yield. This leads to improved profitability for milling operations.


4. Flexible Sifting Options: 

Double-bin plansifters offer flexibility in terms of sifting options. They can be equipped with different types of sieves to meet specific processing requirements. The ability to adjust the mesh sizes and sieve configurations allows operators to customize the sifting process, ensuring optimal results for different grains and flour types.


5. Improved Production Efficiency: 

Incorporating a double-bin plansifter into grain processing lines significantly improves production efficiency. It streamlines the process of separating particles, reducing the need for manual sorting or additional equipment. The automation and precision of the plansifter minimize human error and save valuable time, resulting in increased throughput and productivity.


6. Easy Maintenance and Cleaning: 

Double-bin plansifters are designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. They are typically equipped with quick-release systems for easy access to sieves, reducing downtime during cleaning or maintenance tasks. Regular maintenance, such as sieve inspection and cleaning, ensures the optimal performance and longevity of the plansifter.


7. Compact Design and Space Optimization: 

Double-bin plansifters are compact in design, making them suitable for various processing environments, including small-scale milling operations. Their space-saving design allows for efficient utilization of limited floor space. This is particularly beneficial for facilities with space constraints or those looking to optimize their processing layout.


8. Customizable and Expandable: 

Double-bin plansifters offer customization options to suit specific processing needs. They can be tailored to accommodate different capacities, ranging from small-scale operations to large industrial facilities. Additionally, plansifters are often designed to be expandable, allowing for future upgrades or adjustments to meet changing production requirements.


9. Improved Occupational Health and Safety: 

Double-bin plansifters contribute to a safer working environment. By automating the separation process, they reduce the need for manual handling of grains, minimizing the risk of injuries associated with repetitive tasks. Additionally, the plansifters are equipped with safety features, such as interlocks and guards, to ensure operator safety.


10. Compliance with Quality and Food Safety Standards: 

Double-bin plansifters help ensure compliance with stringent quality and food safety standards. The efficient separation of particles and removal of impurities contribute to the production of flour that meets the required standards for hygiene, purity, and uniformity. This is particularly crucial in industries such as baking, where consistent flour quality is essential for producing high-quality baked goods.


In conclusion, double-bin plansifters offer numerous advantages in grain processing operations. They enhance flour quality, improve production efficiency, increase extraction rates, provide flexibility in sifting options, and optimize space utilization. Additionally, these plansifters are easy to maintain, customizable, and contribute to occupational health and safety. By incorporating a double-bin plansifter into a grain processing line, milling facilities can achieve higher productivity, consistent flour quality, and compliance with industry standards, ultimately leading to improved profitability and customer satisfaction.

Double-bin Plansifter