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What is the Working Principle of the Flour Machine?

Aug. 11, 2021

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The operation of the flour mill adopts blade cutting and high-speed air impact and the two-layer destruction function of collision is integrated, and the particle sorting process can be completed together. The operating principle of the flour mill: During the blade cutting and destruction process, the rotor generates high-speed airflow and rotates with the blade cutting direction, the material accelerates in the airflow, and repeated impacts cause the material to be destroyed in two layers together, speeding up the destruction rate of the material.

Flour Mills Machine

Flour Mills Machine

As the airflow enters the classification chamber to cause the destruction to rotate at a high speed, the classification rotor will generate centrifugal force in the classification chamber, and the centripetal force caused by the viscous effect of the airflow is felt. When the centrifugal force experienced by the particles are greater than the centripetal force, the classification diameter The coarse particles on the upper surface return to the destruction chamber and continue to destroy the fine particles below the classification diameter into the powder collector with the airflow to collect.

There are three main operating characteristics of the flour mill. First, the main shaft in the power system is sequentially equipped with bearing caps, radial ball bearings, bearing pads, and thrust ball bearings from top to bottom. Secondly, in the grinding system, it is composed of a spring, a spring pad, an inner grinding head, an adjusting nut, and an outer grinding head mounted on the spindle; at the end, in the separation system, above the brush mounted on the spindle, there is a Tension spring, there is an adjusting nut under the brush. Our company also has Flour Mills Machine on sale, welcome to contact us.